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Why Shared Investor?

I remember how daunting it is to start investing.

I’m still very cautious of receiving advice.

There are many who will invest your money for you. There are many more that will tell you how to invest your money. Often neither are following their own advice.

So, after 12 years of experience I now share what I do.

I don’t get every investment right.

But, if you choose to follow my investing journey you can view first hand when I do, when I don’t, what I get wrong, what I get right and why.


3 Portfolios.

Australian Blue Chip
A portfolio made up of the best investments I can find in the S&P ASX 300.
Currently Investing

All Australian Geared
A leveraged portfolio made up of the best investments I can find on the ASX.
Currently Investing

A portfolio made up of the best investments I can find from around the world.
Currently building a Watchlist


My Drive: Profits measured in acres.

When I sell a profitable investment or receive a dividend 50% of my profit will be donated to the World Land Trust. Because I like wilderness. Learn more


How Shared Investor Works.

Free articles
Fill out this form to receive free articles via email on Investment Research, Investment Philosophy, Investment Psychology, Investment Risk and Personal Finance.

Checklist (subscribers only)
The Checklist helps keeps me honest with myself. I run every investment through it. For a company to make my Watchlist it needs to pass the Checklist. I update, improve and revise this in small iterations constantly.

Watchlist (subscribers only)
I read and research a lot. Every company that gets a big thumbs up from a brief run over the Checklist ends up here. Once they are on the Watchlist I keep an eye on their announcements and share prices patiently waiting for an opportunity to buy.

Portfolios (subscribers only)
Here I display my current investment portfolios.  The date at which I paid what price and what percentage of my portfolio each individual company is. You can also view the overall performance of each portfolio. Be it good or bad, I won’t be hiding anything.


Sign up & follow along.

It’s $22AUD per month.  You can pause, resume, cancel or contact me at anytime.



Start here.

New to this site? New to investing? Don’t know where to start?

Either did I. I remember how daunting that feeling is.

This should help…





Enjoy the ride!


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DisclaimerPlease remember, I don’t make recommendations, give advice or manage others money – If that’s what you are after, sorry I or this website can’t help you (see the TOS). Readers should not rely on information contained in Shared Investor for Share market, equities, securities or any financial related decisions but should seek licenced professional advice.  Shared Investor does not give or purport to give investment advice or make any recommendations whatsoever in relation to any securities mentioned in Shared Investor.  What I do is purely share my story and my investments exactly how I manage them.  I do this as I believe there is great value and enjoyment in observing the experiences of others, especially when it comes to investing.  Enjoy the ride!