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IMG_9843I like to learn, research, study and experience how the world works. It fascinates me, sometimes I just can not get my brain to absorb as much as I would like it to and I often find there is just not enough time in the day.  I believe if I lived a thousand lives I’d still have the same insatiable curiosity.  Because I have this thirst to learn and experience I am naturally drawn to a lifestyle that allows me to do that.  I do quite a lot of seemingly different things and to this point have lead a fairly nomadic sort of a life.  Though all my interests and experiences may seem fragmented, to me it all feels quite natural and connected by the fact it is all just a study of life. As I continually learn, I am also continually accumulating investing profits and re-investing 50% of them into entities that help to feed the world with natural farming methods, protect our wild spaces or contribute to making the world a fun and beautiful place to live. I started Shared Investor to share these experiences for others to enjoy and to remind myself of past lessons learnt.


Learn, Experience, Invest, Give back and repeat

When I look into the world, I see opportunity. Opportunity to learn, opportunity to experience, opportunity to invest and opportunity to try and make a difference.

This is how Shared Investor and my life in general is structured. I’m constantly reading and learning (read Shared Investor articles). I endlessly itch to explore and experience (follow my instagram). I compound my learnings and experiences through investing (view my investments). My learnings, experiences and investment profits help me to try and thoughtfully give back (see the results).

Here is my journey into the world so far.

My Investing Story

Personal Investing
I started investing at 18 years old, not because I was wise, but because I was an idiot.  I managed to blow my whole months wage on the first weekend of the pay month partying with mates and ended up broke, having to ask my parents to help me out.  I hated it and decided I should learn how to look after my money.  One thing lead to another and I ended up investing.  The one wise thing I did do was recognise the wisdom of Warren Buffett and his Value Investing techniques.  I read and studied as much as I could and then put it all into practice.  I’ve been doing this for about 13 years now and have found investing is a great way to study how the world works, how all of the individual pieces interact and how human nature and psychology work.  It also has been pretty financially rewarding.  You can read more about that here – How I travelled around the world for 19 months and increased my wealth

Shared Investor
Investing has taught and helped me a lot.  For example, during downturns and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) I not only came out unscathed, but thriving.  As a value investor a crisis is like a Boxing Day sale – you can stock up on everything for cheap.  However, many of my friends and others didn’t come through so well.  Watching this suffering and helping one friend specifically is what eventually lead to me launching Shared Investor.


Further Reading

If you are new to this website, Shared Investor and / or investing in general, maybe this article – Should I Invest in the Share Market? can help you decide if you are interested. As a heads up, if you are looking for a magical, get rich quick solution, I have no idea how to do that. But if you are okay with that, read the article, play around with a compound interest calculator and see if it’s for you. If so, and you want to read more about my thoughts on investing, you can try starting here.


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Enjoy the ride!


Disclaimer – Please remember, I don’t make recommendations, give advice or manage others money – If that’s what you are after, sorry I or this website can’t help you (see the TOS). Readers should not rely on information contained in Shared Investor for Share market, equities, securities or any financial related decisions but should seek licenced professional advice. Shared Investor does not give or purport to give investment advice or make any recommendations whatsoever in relation to any securities mentioned in Shared Investor. What I do is purely share my story and my investments exactly how I manage them. I do this as I believe there is great value and enjoyment in observing the experiences of others, especially when it comes to investing. Enjoy the ride!