The Resources and Tools I Use for Share Market Research and Investing

The Resources and Tools I Use for Share Market Research and Investing

I approach share market investing in one of two ways.  1/  I want to find great businesses that have solid returns on equity, low debt, trustable management, strong future prospects and are trading at a fair discount to what I consider to be their underlying value.  2/ I want to find businesses that are dirt cheap, selling at a large discount to their assets and have the potential for the market to one day realise this value and once again price it as such.  To find and then buy these companies on a share market I need research tools, news feeds and trading platforms.  Here’s the share market research and investing tools I currently use:


Decoding Financial Jargon

Investopedia –

For trying to understand any words or new terms within the financial or investing world.  I find myself still learning a new term or two on this site at least once a month.


Investment Research Tools

Y-Charts –

For international fundamental financial information – P/E Ratios, Return on Equity (ROE), Operating Margin etc.  Limited free access, but reasonably cheap monthly access with an impressive database and even more impressive user friendly interface.

Commsec –

Online discount share broking and investment platform that also has a fairly succinct and easy to use quick reference fundamental and financial data.  Also has a fairly good search screen tool for looking for companies with specific fundamental data.

Company Annual Reports – For no specific reason I will use Woolworths (WOW) as an example –

Investing in a company without reading and analysing at least their last few recent Annual Reports is similar to going out fishing in the open ocean without watching the weather.

The Intelligent Investor –

A subscription based online newsletter with investment analysis, commentary, advice and recommendations.  I have followed these guys for quite a few years now and they have changed a bit so I’m pretty selective in what I take from them, but I still find their information useful as they are also ‘value’ focused investors.


News and Information Resources

The Australian Financial Review –

Business, investing, finance and economic news on Australia and some international articles.  I don’t currently read this paper everyday, but I would like to get back to that point again.

The Economist –

A weekly magazine that has both long and short form stories from around the world – though with an American slant.  This is my favourite magazine.   Read this each week and you have a decent little snap shot of what is going on around the world.

CNNMoney App –

It’s funny I am not a huge fan of this service, but I still use it most days.  For every solid news article there are 10 or more ‘Eyeball-catching’ headlines with little substance.  But still it is handy for checking the daily headlines and international and commodity market data.


Share Market Investing Platforms and Price Updates

Commsec (again) –

Online discount share broking and investment platform.  This is where I do all of my personal share market investing, I’ve been using Commsec for over 12 years now and I still like it.  Simple, cheap, I have never had any issues and I like the portfolio management.

Yahoo Finance & App –

I like this website and the handy little app.  Pretty good charts and with the app it’s easy to save your favourite watchlists to keep up to date with price movements and also automatically create your own news feed of the companies you own or have your eye on.  I use this one daily.


International Share Market Investing Platforms

Interactive Brokers –

International online share investment broking platform that allows you to invest in most major markets world wide.  I am not yet investing internationally, as I am waiting for more favourable economic conditions, but I have looked into IB and this is the platform I am going to use – I’m looking forward to it.



That’s it.  That’s pretty much my main resources, I do use a wide variety of other tools and services but these are my 80%.  I’m always keeping my eye out for new resources and will ditch a bad service pretty quickly, but I still try to keep my ‘desk’ pretty clean and clear.  It can be too easy to flood yourself with news and gadgets – distracting yourself from the only beneficial task there really is for an investor, finding that next great investment!


Enjoy the ride!


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