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"I have been privately investing now for about 15 years. After a few years of 'learning on the job', I then began to get pretty good results and friends started asking how I invest. Now instead of sharing my lessons with just my friends, I share what I do with whoever would like to follow along. I share my investing story via my research, checklist, watchlists and the two portfolios I manage. I now also give away 50% of all my investing profits and share my thoughts, lessons and learnings on this also."
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Disclaimer - Please remember, I don't make recommendations, give advice or manage others money - If that's what you are after, sorry I or this website can't help you (see the TOS). Readers should not rely on information contained in Shared Investor for Share market, equities, securities or any financial related decisions but should seek licenced professional advice.  Shared Investor does not give or purport to give investment advice or make any recommendations whatsoever in relation to any securities mentioned in Shared Investor.  What I do is purely share my investments exactly how I manage them.  I do this as I believe there is great value in observing the experiences of others, especially when it comes to investing.

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